Norma Bandy


BSRN, Certified Advanced Rolfer, Rolf Movement Teacher, Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, Somatic Experience Graduate and NET Practitioner

I studied Social Work, Psychology and Nursing at Texas Woman’s University. My focus was in Surgery, and Newborn Intensive Care. I was introduced to this incredible process in 1969, while still at TWU, in such a way I knew it was the work I was to do. After completing the Rolfing training in Colorado, I moved to Austin and began my practice of Rolfing. Midwifery became a part of my life studies and assisting in births in Austin was a gift I value. I was able to use my Rolfing and Nursing knowledge and experience with the moms and babies at births.

My other passions include horses, water rafting, cycling, golf, snow skiing, volley ball and basket ball. When I lived in Colorado, I applied the Rolfing and Rolf movement principles to horses and their riders, professional volley ball teams and dancers. While in Texas, I have had the honor of working with the Houston Rockets and some of the Dallas Cowboys and many professional golfers, musicians and dancers.

My practice involves many intricate healing modalities including Rolfing and Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET). Rolfing® is a system of soft tissue manipulation and movement education that organizes the whole body in gravity and this bodywork affects the body’s posture and structure by manipulating the myofascial system (connective tissue). Research has demonstrated that Rolfing creates more efficient muscle use, allows the body to conserve energy, and creates more economical and refined patterns of movement. Rolfing has also been shown to significantly reduce chronic stress, reduce spinal curvature in subjects with lordosis (sway back), and enhance neurological functioning.

I personally studied under its creator, Dr. Ida P. Rolf, who received her Ph.D. in biochemistry from Columbia University in 1920 and furthered her knowledge of the body through her scientific work in organic chemistry at the Rockefeller Institute. Dr. Rolf combined her research with her scientific knowledge to stimulate a deeper appreciation of the body’s structural order, resulting in the theory and practice of Rolfing, which I am in deep appreciation of and practice with my own clients.

NET is an additional modality that I utilize, based on the research of Dr. Scott Walker. NET is a bio-energetic healing technique that helps to identify and release unresolved emotional issues, which can be stored and locked in your body, manifesting as physical symptoms of any type. These emotions may get “stuck” within any organ or system of the body, and can cause pain and other physical dysfunctions, as well as poor sleep and stress-related symptoms. Releasing this information can be an integral part of healing the body and its systems.

Keli Brianna Bandy

BS, Certified Rolf Practitioner

Before becoming a Rolfer I studied Agricultural Economics and Sociology at Texas A&M. I had the honor of studying with The Guild of Structural Integration and mentoring with Norma Bell Bandy R.N. Certified Adv. Rolfer and Movement teacher. Rolfing has been a part of my life since the day I was born. Getting Rolfed regularly and experiencing the principles of Rolfing contributed to my passion and desire to support ease and efficiency in movement. Everything involves movement, whether the quality is slow, fast, physically, emotionally or energetically. I find many factors that contribute or restrict how we relate to movement. In the Rolfing experience stress is released as order is introduced. Old postural holding patterns are addressed. I have studied AK ( Applied Kinesiology ) with John BandyDC. When I work with someone I bring a presence that listens and sees from a place of integration. That presence while using Rolfing and AK clarifies what is needed, ready to change, and integrate into ones goals.

Being aware, conscious and involved in the process magnifies the possibilities of change. Regardless of the goals we are working towards having an organized body facilitates reaching that goal. We are always setting goals for ourselves and working to make them happen. Rolfing helps provide a framework to focus from and encourages the use of our time and energy efficiently and effectively. This provides us with a sense of purpose, direction and joy – integration of oneself.

When I am not in the office I enjoy applying the principles and awareness of structural integration while riding and training horses, running, swimming, cycling and sky diving. I also do Rolfing with horses and their riders at various barns.

Norma and I offer what is called a four handed session in which we are both working with you.

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